Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Loooooong day

First of all, we found our dream home today. It's so, so, so awesome. It's also so, so, so ugly right now, but we just need to undo the 80's decorating job inside, and we'll be good to go. We're putting an offer on it on Friday (the first chance we have to get to the realtor's office together), and so nervous to see how the inspection goes in the coming weeks.

My mom kept the kids today while we saw this house and another one (I LOVED that house, but the neighborhood was not as good as the other house). Then I went to the hospital to visit Grandma. She's not doing as well as we thought she was doing--she's got a long road, and not out of the woods yet. She was so sad tonight because she wants to see the kids desperately. She was able to walk a little today, so we told her if she can make it to the waiting room down the hall tomorrow for her physical therapy, the kids will be waiting for her (they're not allowed in the hospital room).

I'm going to sit with them in the morning, as I'm the only one who can do it tomorrow. I'll be anxious to hear what the doctor has to say.

A few cute things from the kids:

Ethan told me last night that he's going to marry me when I grow up. I told him that when he's older he'll find someone else he loves a lot that he wants to marry, and he insisted he'll always love me and only me :) Sweet now, creepy later!

Bella randomly told me yesterday that "girls toot and boys fart." Thanks, Nana. I told her everyone farts, and she says she's too cute to fart.

Maile now blows kisses. It's about time! It's adorable!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First of all, Grandma is improving greatly. Everyone is optimistic for a full recovery. She should be having her valve replacement in 4-6 weeks, whenever she is fully recovered from the stroke.

We had a nice day at home today. This morning was crazy, but the afternoon and evening were fun. I put Maile down for bed at 7, but the kids stayed up with me to watch American Idol. We hadn't spent any quality time together today, and I didn't really see them much this weekend or yesterday. It was nice to hang out together. I love their age (most of the time). We did some puzzles and built skyscrapers. Ethan built Lexington, complete with big blue building. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

This 365 thing is not for me!

Apparently I'm not so good at updating daily. We've had a long hunting all weekend, and my grandmother had a stroke this morning. She was supposed to have valve replacement surgery this morning, but the doctors screwed up majorly and had her off her blood thinners longer than they should have (6 days). She had a stroke at 1:30 am. She's doing better than was originally thought, but she has a long road ahead, recovering from the stroke, and then finally having the valve replacement.

Jonathan stayed home with the kids this morning when I went to the hospital. I came home because he had a meeting at 2, and we fixed some food to take to the hospital, then we went back up there. They were a nice distraction for the family. Grandma said she was so proud they were there, even though she didn't get to see them. It was awesome to know she had said that, because this morning all that she could say was a bunch of garbled words thrown together. It was so sad.

We're going to a few more houses this week--one we're really interested in, and are ready to put an offer on it if we like it as well as we think we will.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feeling so blessed

Last night I went in to kiss the kids before I went to bed. I ended up sitting there staring at them for 30 minutes. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. They are just so precious, especially while sleeping so peacefully. Of course, I always love them, every minute of every day, but I also really take their lives for granted all too often.

Anyway, today was homeschool group day. The kids were so bummed that it was canceled last week. We found out when we showed up that Ethan's best bud was not coming this semester, so Ethan was crushed. Bella has a girl in there with her now, though, so she's super excited!

Ethan loves to surprise me by doing the dishes:

The kids make their own bed every morning:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Long day!

Maile was in a mood today. She slept like crap last night, was up twice for an hour each (never happens). She cried from the time she woke up until I laid her in her crib at 11. She just laid down, and I didn't hear her, so I assumed she went to sleep. I went in after my shower about 45 minutes later to get dressed and there she is, laying there with her eyes open just staring. She must have needed time to chill.

I went to keep my friend's 2 kids for awhile. Ethan has his two best friends in the world--Lambchop and Blue Baby. He had them right before we left, but apparently he put them down before we buckled in. We didn't realize it until I was tucking them in and he couldn't find them. He then remember he sat them down in the middle of their playroom.

Her house is about 30 minutes from here, and Maile was already sleeping in her crib. Of course, Ethan doesn't believe anyone could possibly take care of them as well as he can and was devastated that I didn't want to go get them. My heart was breaking for him, but I knew if we loaded up to go get them that he'd fall asleep before we even got there. After I calmed him down (singing Desperado does the trick...seriously has since the day he was born. There's nothing that song can't help), we agreed that Daddy would pick them up on the way home from work. It sounds like a good compromise!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So, the 365 thing? Ha!

I'm putting my best foot forward, but it's not possible to update daily. Okay, really...I could always find the 5 minutes--5 minutes less on FB or a message board or window shopping the internet. No excuses, then. I just suck at it.

Nothing exciting is happening around here. We've been mainly hanging out around the house and playing. The older 2 are really enjoying their barbies the last few days. They're sleeping in my bed tonight, so I'm letting them stay up late (I want Maile to get the chance to really get into deep sleep before taking them in there). They're reading books and being so cute just reading together and discussing the books. It's awesome to see them be best friends.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear God...

Tonight we were reading the human body book (one of their favorites!). We were talking about the heart, and that their Great-Mommo would be going to the hospital this week to have the doctor open up her heart and fix it. Ethan wanted to say a prayer before he went to sleep , and all he said was "Dear God, please fix my great-mommo's heart." He is the most precious, sweet, thoughtful child ever. He was named after my grandfather, and he obviously has the same spirit as him. He has his 3 year old moments, of course, but he's such an old soul. He's giving and completely selfless. He always amazes me with his beautiful nature. He's continually teaching me life lessons.

So tonight...Dear God, thank you so much for giving me my wonderful son. He impacts my life in ways I never knew possible.