Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Loooooong day

First of all, we found our dream home today. It's so, so, so awesome. It's also so, so, so ugly right now, but we just need to undo the 80's decorating job inside, and we'll be good to go. We're putting an offer on it on Friday (the first chance we have to get to the realtor's office together), and so nervous to see how the inspection goes in the coming weeks.

My mom kept the kids today while we saw this house and another one (I LOVED that house, but the neighborhood was not as good as the other house). Then I went to the hospital to visit Grandma. She's not doing as well as we thought she was doing--she's got a long road, and not out of the woods yet. She was so sad tonight because she wants to see the kids desperately. She was able to walk a little today, so we told her if she can make it to the waiting room down the hall tomorrow for her physical therapy, the kids will be waiting for her (they're not allowed in the hospital room).

I'm going to sit with them in the morning, as I'm the only one who can do it tomorrow. I'll be anxious to hear what the doctor has to say.

A few cute things from the kids:

Ethan told me last night that he's going to marry me when I grow up. I told him that when he's older he'll find someone else he loves a lot that he wants to marry, and he insisted he'll always love me and only me :) Sweet now, creepy later!

Bella randomly told me yesterday that "girls toot and boys fart." Thanks, Nana. I told her everyone farts, and she says she's too cute to fart.

Maile now blows kisses. It's about time! It's adorable!

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